Moorestown Divorce And Family Law Attorneys

Divorce and family law matters are some of the most emotionally and financially difficult circumstances many people will ever face. You do not have to face these times alone. At the law offices of James T. Rosenberg, we are committed to walking our clients through the divorce from start to finish.

Moorestown Divorce And Family Law Lawyers — Caring And Individualized Representation

The firm handles a full spectrum of family law matters, including:

We take the time to listen to our clients and understand their needs and goals for the outcome of the matter, and we make these goals our priority. The outcome of the divorce will largely frame your future, both personally and financially, for the next chapter of your life. We are committed to delivering results that protect your interests and are tailored to your goals for the future.

For most parents, the primary goal is to ensure that their children are provided a healthy and secure future following the divorce and their relationship with the children is preserved. Our attorneys are experienced in providing creative strategies and child custody arrangements that are in the best interests of the child and help to maintain those close bonds between parents and their children.

New Jersey Mediation And Arbitration

Many couples seek to resolve the divorce as quickly as possible, minimizing emotional strain and financial cost. Mediation, arbitration and collaborative methods are available to help these couples efficiently sort through the issues with the help of a neutral third party and arrive at a mutually agreed-upon divorce agreement.

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