Moorestown High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

For individuals of means, divorce presents the threat of losing significant property, assets and business interests. It is critical that you enter the divorce process represented by a firm that is equipped with the experience and legal skill needed to ensure that your interests are protected and that you are allotted all that you are entitled to.

At the law offices of James T. Rosenberg, our lawyers have dedicated more than 45 years to family law and asset division. We are prepared with the experience and skill needed to properly value and trace all assets involved in the marriage and help reach a division agreement that is fair and equitable, protecting your interests.

Moorestown High-Asset Divorce Attorneys

For couples who have built a family business together or who hold a significant share in a company or professional practice, the division of these interests can be complex and overwhelming. Our attorneys work with trusted financial professionals and experts to conduct business valuation properly divide it according to the time and financial investments made by either spouse. For instance, if one spouse started a professional practice during the duration of the marriage, a larger portion of the value of that business would be given to the professional spouse.

We look at the source of the assets and contributions by either spouse to the business or the acquisition of a certain asset. Our attorneys are skilled in dividing complicated retirement and pension accounts as well as portfolios and other investments.

Our attorneys have handled many high-asset division cases, and have the experience and understanding to deliver creative and innovative solutions that protect our clients' best interests. Throughout the process, we work with the highest caliber of experts and professionals, including real estate appraisers, vocational experts, mental health evaluators and forensic accountants.

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