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For more than 45 years, the attorneys of the law offices of James T. Rosenberg have been providing exceptional family law representation to individuals throughout New Jersey. We are committed to delivering results, realizing the profound impact the outcome of your divorce will have on your future and that of your children.

Moorestown New Jersey Law Firm — Open Communication. Cost-Effective Solutions.

Our representation is customized to your individual goals and needs. We will provide you with a detailed understanding of what you can expect throughout the divorce process. After carefully listening to your goals and understanding what you want to achieve coming out of your divorce, our lawyers will create an individualized plan. We always set forth realistic expectations of what you can expect through the process and what must be done to accomplish this.

Many factors, including the complexity of contested issues, the size of the marital estate, and the parties' emotional drive, affect the ultimate cost to a client in a family law case or any legal matter. While it is difficult to predict the total cost of a case, our priority is to minimize fees while achieving the best results. Our process is efficient and streamlined, involving only those members of the firm that are necessary, rather than overbilling. We seek to have consistent and open communication with clients about matters and issues throughout their case in an honest and mutually respectful fashion.

We remain in constant contact with our clients, committed to providing the availability they need to have all of the answers and information they need to make educated decisions and feel comfortable with the trajectory of their case.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your family law needs, please contact our Burlington County law firm today at 856-439-0040.