Month: October 2017

New Data Suggests Women Initiate Divorce More Than Men

Some new data from a study on divorce and non-marital breakups indicate that women initiate nearly 70% of all divorces, based upon a recent survey of over 2000 heterosexual couples.  Strangely, the study also found that in non-marriage relationships, there was no significant difference between the breakups initiated by women or men.   Sociologists believe the reason the study resulted in a high figure for women initiating a divorce but not for non-marital breakups is because the non-marital relationships tend to have more flexibility and adaptability while marriage comes with more baggage, “burdened by outdated expectations and hasn’t evolved...

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You Want Me To Agree To WHAT?

Following up on yesterday’s blog, a recent article on discussed the recent increased influx of strange “lifestyle” clauses appearing in prenuptial agreements.  These “lifestyle” stipulations — provisions included in a prenuptial agreement in an attempt to dictate the ideal or preferred behavior of one or both parties to a marriage –are showing up more frequently these days, as people attempt to use a prenuptial agreement as a means of controlling and influencing their partner’s behavior. Examples of these “lifestyle” clauses range from imposing a penalty on a partner if they gain too much weight to outlining how many...

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Would Hugh Hefner’s Pre Nup Be Enforced in NJ?

  With the recent passing of media tycoon and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner at the age of 91, the topic of the division of Mr. Hefner’s purported $53 million estate has entered the news. Reports, including this article from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, indicate that Hefner, who had four children at the time of his death, entered into an “ironclad” prenuptial agreement when he married 31-year-old model Crystal Harris in 2012. The pre-nuptial agreement, which apparently provides for Ms. Harris to be “looked after” following Mr. Hefner’s death, precludes her from inherit anything, per reports. She will receive an undisclosed...

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